From hot to cold

Yesterday was a warm day (today even warmer though), so after I finished work, I decided to go to the beach to enjoy the sunset. (The beach is about 2.5 hrs drive from where I work)

When I left, the outside temperature gauge in my car said 28 degrees C. Nice sunny weather, and I thought: “This is going to be great, good thing that I brought my camera with me.”

When I was about half way there, the temperature started to drop, and fast too. For some reason the weather at the beach was really bad, a completely overcast sky which threatened to rain too, and temperatures around 10-13 degrees C.

I waited for a bit, in the hope that the weather would improve or the clouds would go away for the sunset. But sadly nothing like that happened. It stayed overcast

It was a nice walk on the beach, though, clear my head from work related stress. But the beach wasn’t very photogenic. Going to try again this weekend. 🙂