My HTC Desire is flying again


Just the other weekend, I got fed up with the sluggishness of my Android phone. Probably due to the large amount of apps installed (I’m a bit of an app-addict), but I also felt I was ready for a change. MIUI has served me quite well in the past, but I got tired of the UI, though I could’ve downloaded a different theme, I felt like a complete change was needed.

So I looked up Cyanogen mod 7 or CM7 as it’s called. Sadly there’s no CM9 for my Desire, but the CM7 looked stable from what I read online.

And now my Desire is rocking again. I especially like that I can slide notifications away. Just slide down the notifications window, and then slide one of the notifications to the left or right to make them disappear.

I do admit to using the UOT Kitchen to alter the battery icon a bit was great too.

My Desire running CM7 with the widgets for "3g watchdog pro", "Buienalarm", "UnLock", "MyCars", "OpenWifi", "Battery Monitor Widget", "Screen filter" and an icon for "Notes Light".