REJOICE!!!! well sort of

diagram of the setup I'd like to have

Ok, I’m going to talk a bit about work.
Because what I’m encountering is way beyond normal.

I’m a tester, and for one of the systems I need to test, I need to be able to place a message on a queue, and that magically goes to another queue, which this system reads and processes.
For this magical process, they use MQSystems.

Here is a diagram of what I mean:

diagram of the setup I'd like to have
MQ setup I'd like to have

Now this doesn’t look too difficult, but it’s been a source for frustration for close to 3 weeks now.

The structure as pictured is in place, but on queues, where I, as a tester, have no access to. They’ve set it up for production already, where SystemA puts a message on the queue, that goes to SystemB.
And I won’t ever get access to those queues.
Which I can understand, those are real life queues, and I only need a test queue.
So I asked if it’d be possible to set up a similar structure for testing purposes, and then change a setting for SystemB so that it receives input on the test-queue.
This should be possible and was easy to set up, was what I was told.
But we’re three weeks in, now.

After 1 week, I managed to get a queue where I can put files on and there also was a queue that those files can get sent to. But that was where it stopped.
Those files I put on my queue weren’t going through the mysterious layer, because apparently they forgot to connect the two.

The above I wrote when things were still not working.
But all that frustration has just now come to an end. Not 5 minutes ago I was able to send a message over the queue, and it was processed almost perfectly. Of course we still have defects, but at least now I can signal them. Except, and here is frustration number 2, I don’t have access to the tool we need to use to raise and administrate these defects.