You won’t believe this

After the decoder issues and the laptop issues this week, just now I saw my tv go all weird. I hope nothing’s broken, but if there is, I swear, I’ll stop working in IT, and become a plantation worker, or something. At least somewhere as far away removed from technology as I can.

edit 2 days without power solved this issue. Phew, really didn’t want to buy a new tv, or stop with IT.

Digital tv decoder broken

A broken tv decoder isn’t funny.

This evening, I turned on the tv, initially actually to play some Wii games, but immediately I noticed something weird. The tv showed that I had no tv-signal. So I grabbed the remote of my decoder and tried flipping channels, but that didn’t work.
I figured that maybe the batteries had drained, so I fetched some new ones. put them in the remote, only to find that it clearly wasn’t the remote.

Then I unplugged the decoder, figuring that maybe it had crashed for some reason (not a rare occurence), upon plugging it back in, it still showed the same “No Signal” error, but worse still, it still wouldn’t recognize the remote.

I called the helldesk, and they had me go through a similar set of instructions, with the only addition to also disconnect the antenna cable and leave it disconnected.
On their instruction is plugged it back into the power socket, with the antenna disconnected, but that still had the same result.

The decoder is too old for service, so I’ll have to buy a new one. (I don’t think that repairing it would’ve made much sense anyway.) So tomorrow I’ll be trolling the Mediamarkt for a new decoder. 🙂

Update on the eBay troubles

So far I have yet to hear word from the seller, I guess I’ll have to ask Paypal to refund me my money.

Ok, my bad, I should’ve checked Paypal sooner, apparently I have already been given a refund, just a few days ago. I think just after I sent the first email. No word from the seller though.

Ebay troubles


I have recently ordered something on eBay, and paid for it immediately after, but now eBay has removed said listing.

I hope I’ll still be getting the product that I ordered. I have sent an email to the seller asking for an explanation. Here’s hoping that everything will work out.

Screenshot of an eBay listing removed

Roland Garros app devs should be ashamed of themselves

Look at this screenshot. Yes, a tennis app is over 10 megabytes in size. The developers should be deeply ashamed of themselves. They need to remember that they are writing for a MOBILE device, and shouldn’t add everything and the kitchen sink in it. Besides they have a really slow server for the download, it keeps stalling on me.


On May 27th French Open (Roland Garros) starts again and I’m looking forward to it.

I can only hope that the app, with all the stupid 3d shit in it, will also have access to Radio Roland Garros. If not, then the app is worthless to me, and won’t stay for long on my device. Currently, it doesn’t have very many favorable reviews on the Google Play market.

Btw, for the people desperate for their (English) Radio Roland Garros fix, if you install the TuneIn app, you can find French Open Radio in there, that’s the same thing. Then you can enjoy Gigi’s, Nick’s, both Matts’, Craig’s, and Chris’ analyses and play-by-play of the day’s matches.