Vanity searches on Google

Google nowadays offers personalized search results, which means that when you do a vanity search, you will ALWAYS find yourself on the top of the listings. Which makes it hard to find out where you really stand.

I had to log out, and clear my cache and everything in order to get something of a fair search result, when I did a vanity search to find my own weblog.

I found my Flickr page and Twitter page quite quickly (on the first page). But this weblog is currently on page 5.

And on top of that, I have competition with my name.

  • A French singer-songwriter is also called Madjo
  • and there is Guy Madjo who plays football.
  • I also found an English company called, which provides software services.

But I’m none of those people, I’m MadJo from The Netherlands, have been calling myself ‘MadJo‘ since before 2005.

Btw, as an aside, IE8 is a crappy browser to write articles in. The textbox keeps scrolling when you mouse over the buttons of the editor in WordPress.