If you’ve scrolled through my website, you might have noticed the changing of the colours of my background.

This is done through a nice little javascript tool called Skrollr. As you can see on their website, a lot of different things are possible, such as animations and separately scrolling backgrounds, just through scrolling a webpage.

Thoughtful and perhaps helpful links

I sometimes come across handy tools and other such things. Usually I kept them to myself, but I don’t want to be selfish anymore. So I will start sharing them in this category.

In this first post in this category, I’ll share a couple of these tools that I have found.

xplorer2, when working in Windows, I often hit the limitations of Windows’ Explorer. In comes Xplorer2, which is a full Explorer replacement and more. I purchased the portable version, mostly because I like the app, and I needed a few options only available in the portable edition if I paid, such as its built-in search. I needed the portable version, because I couldn’t install the full version.

Play framework. To be honest I have yet to play with this, but it just looks interesting to me. It’s a web framework that makes it easy to create database driven websites. At least that’s how it was sold to me by a colleague. Looking at the website, it’s clear to me that it’s capable of much more.

Web Sequence Diagrams. In case you want to quickly create a diagram of something.

When I think of more, I’ll share them in this category.