Dear Penthouse forum

Recently I went to a fair in Tilburg, and I saw some cute girls there. Of one I took the most photos. You can find them here.

I think she’s really cute. And I think she liked me too, what do I do now?

Sincerely yours,
Lonely heart.

REJOICE!!!! well sort of

diagram of the setup I'd like to have

Ok, I’m going to talk a bit about work.
Because what I’m encountering is way beyond normal.

I’m a tester, and for one of the systems I need to test, I need to be able to place a message on a queue, and that magically goes to another queue, which this system reads and processes.
For this magical process, they use MQSystems.

Here is a diagram of what I mean:

diagram of the setup I'd like to have
MQ setup I'd like to have

Now this doesn’t look too difficult, but it’s been a source for frustration for close to 3 weeks now.

The structure as pictured is in place, but on queues, where I, as a tester, have no access to. They’ve set it up for production already, where SystemA puts a message on the queue, that goes to SystemB.
And I won’t ever get access to those queues.
Which I can understand, those are real life queues, and I only need a test queue.
So I asked if it’d be possible to set up a similar structure for testing purposes, and then change a setting for SystemB so that it receives input on the test-queue.
This should be possible and was easy to set up, was what I was told.
But we’re three weeks in, now.

After 1 week, I managed to get a queue where I can put files on and there also was a queue that those files can get sent to. But that was where it stopped.
Those files I put on my queue weren’t going through the mysterious layer, because apparently they forgot to connect the two.

The above I wrote when things were still not working.
But all that frustration has just now come to an end. Not 5 minutes ago I was able to send a message over the queue, and it was processed almost perfectly. Of course we still have defects, but at least now I can signal them. Except, and here is frustration number 2, I don’t have access to the tool we need to use to raise and administrate these defects.

Fiddling with themes

I wasn’t fully satisfied with my previous theme (called Twenty ten). I’ll be trying out different themes over the next few days. This one (called Delicate) is pretty nice, though it’s a bit wider than my own screen, and I can’t figure out why.

My HTC Desire is flying again


Just the other weekend, I got fed up with the sluggishness of my Android phone. Probably due to the large amount of apps installed (I’m a bit of an app-addict), but I also felt I was ready for a change. MIUI has served me quite well in the past, but I got tired of the UI, though I could’ve downloaded a different theme, I felt like a complete change was needed.

So I looked up Cyanogen mod 7 or CM7 as it’s called. Sadly there’s no CM9 for my Desire, but the CM7 looked stable from what I read online.

And now my Desire is rocking again. I especially like that I can slide notifications away. Just slide down the notifications window, and then slide one of the notifications to the left or right to make them disappear.

I do admit to using the UOT Kitchen to alter the battery icon a bit was great too.

My Desire running CM7 with the widgets for "3g watchdog pro", "Buienalarm", "UnLock", "MyCars", "OpenWifi", "Battery Monitor Widget", "Screen filter" and an icon for "Notes Light".

Moederdag 2012

On Mothersday 2012, me and my mom and brother went to Rotterdam. Below is a selection of the photos I took that day.

My Linux desktop

I3 desktop
I3 desktop
This is what my desktop looks like

What you see here is a chatclient (irssi), vlc in another corner, and a terminal emulator running alsamixer.

The window manager is called I3. Which is a tiling window manager. First window you open is opened in full screen, any other window gets added next to it or underneath it.

BTW, for the eagle-eyes among us, the background that’s shown in the VLC video is a photo from the trainstation in Den Bosch.