Verschillende talen

Soms is het lastig, als je meertalig bent, om dan te beslissen welke taal te gebruiken als je iets opschrijft.

Deze weblog zal tweetalig zijn, sommige artikelen in het Engels en anderen in het Nederlands.

Waarom ik dat doe?
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Unfinished thoughts

I sometimes try to write stories. Usually I have a middle, but no beginning or end to them though. I want to collect them under the category of Unfinished Thoughts.

The first one of such stories after the break.
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My Linux desktop

I3 desktop
I3 desktop
This is what my desktop looks like

What you see here is a chatclient (irssi), vlc in another corner, and a terminal emulator running alsamixer.

The window manager is called I3. Which is a tiling window manager. First window you open is opened in full screen, any other window gets added next to it or underneath it.

BTW, for the eagle-eyes among us, the background that’s shown in the VLC video is a photo from the trainstation in Den Bosch.

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