Tennis on the radio

A few years ago, when I was at work, I was franctically looking for a way to get some information on a Wimbledon tennis match, but couldn’t find any.


So, I just went to wimbledon’s website, and that’s when an angelic choir began singing to me. I noticed a link called “Radio Wimbledon”. I tuned in, but the internet stream was blocked where I worked. So I grabbed my cellphone (my then brand new Android phone), installed flash (because it was a flash stream), and went online, listening to the live stream pretty much all day. It drained the battery and I was glad that I had an unlimited data plan, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to listen to it.
The next day, I took my charger with me to work. 🙂

The next year, I found out that Roland Garros also had a live stream and they also had an Android app that contained the stream. Which was heaven for my phone’s battery.
And Wimbledon had followed suit.

This year, sadly, the Roland Garros app isn’t of great quality (for a while it even kept saying that there were no live matches, when there were people playing tennis on their courts), but the livestream is still available on Android, using the TuneIn Radio app. You can tweet them with @Radio_RG.

Seriously, if you are a tennis fan, then Roland Garros Radio and Radio Wimbledon are both unbeated in terms of coverage, live interviews with players and interaction with the listeners. From before the first ball, until end of the last game of the day, live, nothing but tennis.